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I can easily say out of all the time I've been on Newgrounds, I have *never* heard a Drum & Bass piece like this until now. Shit's weird, I dig it tho. The only real problem I have with this track is that I find every song element to be very compressed to 0db, a little too much for my tastes - lowering the volume of some instruments but still keeping the limit to 0db would be a 10/10 from me, but...

9/10, Nice.

Quarl responds:

Totally legit crit. I never know how things sound, creators bias. Thanks for telling me to lower stuffs <3

Right off the bat...

The atmosphere in this track is fucking amazing. I've heard nearly no other tracks like this which can pull of a mood so well. It's very relaxing, but also sounds a bit ominous with the bells. Downright golden.

Song structure is a little solid too, but I felt like some parts were just a teensy bit too long. Probably personal preference, since I'm very impatient when it comes to music-y stuff which is over 6 minutes in length.

Another nitpick which is personal preference for me is that I felt the general volume could be raised up by a couple of decibels. Most music today is never afraid to reach the 0db limit at any point.

Otherwise... I adore this track! 9/10 For pulling off the atmosphere so well + the general instruments. You did a damn good job here, yelldow.

yelldow responds:

Shit, man, thank you so much. That's incredible to hear, I'm glad I nailed it that well.
As for mixing, I was afraid of my limiter a bit too much on this. I was afraid it'd cut down on the quality if it did too much limiting. Something to work on for future tracks, right?

Ehh. I could see the mastering of this track being somewhat improved, due to the inconsistent volume throughout. The drops of the song (0:22-0:41) (1:25-1:46) feel very underwhelming, change up the drum patterns and the drums themselves to make them feel a load more punchy and fitting for the drops of this track. The synthesizers used in this track sound really basic and one-dimensional, so I recommend either layering up synths or just changing it entirely. Another thing I don't like about this too much is the rhythm almost being the same for the entirety of the tracks length, change it up with different melodies and chords.

Now, on to the things I like about this overall. The song structure is pretty good for what it is, and the instruments are somewhat well picked. It doesn't sound muddy with the frequencies, maybe because I'm not wearing headphones or because it is just good EQ usage. The breakdowns of this track (0:42-1:04) (1:46-2:07) seem to fit very well too.

One more thing I have to say, I hope you take my feedback on this track in a good manner and improve on what you've made currently. Farewell.

NOmki responds:

thx for all the feedback :) ill try to work on it

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