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An independent music producer who can do a handful of genres decently. I use FL Studio 20.5 to create all of my tracks.

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Posted by triplebarrel - October 17th, 2019


why did i make this



Posted by triplebarrel - September 24th, 2019

The musician I'm going to talk about is really underrated who deserves several hundreds, even thousands more than 84 followers.

Here are some of his tracks I recommend you'd listen to from him.

SIDENOTE: I apologise for not doing #3 earlier, since I forgotten about the entire thing somehow.

#1 : poppin' my collar [https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/880737]

Really similar to Decade by JRTH. Has loads of creative sound design scattered throughout the song and the structure is again pretty good for its genre. The only problem I have is that the drum sounds seem to be somewhat generic.

#2: ocular rift [https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/855647]

I feel like this is one of his all time best tracks. The atmosphere in some parts feels really well done, though I feel like the second drop should be less instantly in your face. Maybe cut off the drums for 2-4 bars so you know what's coming.

Overall, I would give @Delerium an 8.5/10. I feel like most of his tracks take roots from glitch hop and riddim, which mostly doesn't sound unique to most of his tracks sounding similar in terms of drums and sidechaining. Then again, he's really putting sound design to an amazing use. Give him a follow!



Posted by triplebarrel - September 23rd, 2019

Ever since my mum's death on the 21st of September, my life hasn't been the same.

Going to my friends places and pubs a lot more, usually having cod and chips with diet coke. My brother turning into an uncle today. Oh yeah, being picked up from school mainly by ugandan taxi drivers in which half of the words from them I can't understand, I despise that.

Anyway, on to the main topic. The support I've been getting so far is something I adore. It's absolutely lovely seeing people largely support my track dedicated to my recently deceased mother titled "In Memory". To me, and many others, it's genuinely heartwarming viewing the stuff people are saying on the track.

A massive thanks to everyone. See you very soon on Musician Showcase #3.




Posted by triplebarrel - September 15th, 2019

Jesus. JESUS.

My first track by me when I was scouted... already at the top half of the 1st popular audio page and it hasn't even been out for 48 hours. I'm speechless, I don't know what to say. Thank you all for making this somehow possible.




Posted by triplebarrel - September 10th, 2019

This musician I'm going to talk about is another really underrated one who deserves much more than 17 followers.

Here are some of his best tracks he has put out in 2019, in my personal opinion.

#1 BEST: Decade [https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/876470]

Has loads of creative sound design scattered throughout the song, song structure is pretty good for its genre and the second drop is just something else. The only problem I have is that the drum patterns seem to be a little generic.

#2 BEST: Wildfire [https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/870845]

This song has loads of atmosphere. I'm a little blown away with the sounds here but the somewhat slow progression and the fact that it ends really abruptly knocks this down a little.

Overall, I would give @JRTH an 8.5/10. His tracks are somewhat unique, taking elements from garage while still making it sound nearly as powerful as trance music. I just feel like he should experiment more with drums and maybe even time signature, it could turn out quite possibly front page worthy like a few of his tracks.



Posted by triplebarrel - September 3rd, 2019

Hello Newgrounds, my first post here and first musician showcase! This will be a weekly series every Tuesday. It will showcase users who have under 100 followers who I think deserve much more than that. So, I will begin.

This musician I'm going to talk about is a very underrated one who, in my opinion, deserves WAY MORE than 73 followers.

Here are some of his best, also in my opinion, tracks he has put out in 2019.

#1 BEST: Omens of the Deep [https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/879809]

A very catchy piece, which progresses slightly slower than the average song but is 100% worthy of a favourite. Sure, 1:02 may not catch your tastes to music but is decent nonetheless.

#2 BEST: Coarse Sand [https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/871605]

If you're looking for a more than average length dubstep track what's really fast paced for it's genre standards, this is the track. The melody at 2:08 is pretty well picked, but it's somewhat generic.

Overall, I would give @Spadezer a 7.5/10. His tracks are a pretty mixed bag of good and mediocre. Omens of the Deep was absolutely his best though, increasing the score slightly. I'd say some of his sounds are a little muddy and some others just don't fit with the drops like a pretty basic but powerful lead then a very dirty dubstep sound. I'd recommend him if you like modern dubstep.